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I'm currently halfway through level 3 and have started thinking about options after AAT. I've had a look at various mid-tier firms on their careers websites and it seems they offer experienced hires, graduate or leaver schemes. The graduate schemes don't apply to me as I have no degree. But the school leaver schemes could. However, the majority of those start with AAT and I would have finished AAT. So does anyone know how that would work?

I'm 22 and would really like to get in to advisory, especially with Grant Thornton. But am I reaching too high? I've got 3 years industry experience working for my family business, so could I rely on that?

This is just so confusing! Any help would be appreciated:)



  • SallyR789
    SallyR789 Registered Posts: 3
    You can contact their HR department & ask or apply & see what happens. I doubt they would make you start from scratch when they could progress you quite quickly due to your prior learning. It also shows your commitment to your future through your own efforts & there's nothing wrong with reaching high, you've got nothing to lose by applying so go for it & show them what you're capable of : )
  • SuzanneB
    SuzanneB Registered Posts: 3
    Hi Jdan95 did you ever get a job sorted with Grant Thornton?
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