Level 4 Optional Units - which to choose?

I'm about to enroll for Level 4, and I'm still unsure of which optional units to choose. It's either between doing Personal Tax and Business Tax, or possibly swapping one of them out to do either Cash Management or Credit Management. I'm not afraid of a challenge because I think doing the difficult things now, might save me from having to do them in the future.

I'm not sure what direction I want to move in the future, but I know that so far in Levels 2 and 3, the topics that I have found the easiest by far are those that have been quite 'mathematical'. I like working with numbers, and I find that so much easier than having to study something that the Ethics exam which was quite 'wordy' and dull.

Does anyone have any advice or could share their experiences?



  • Kaii
    Kaii Registered Posts: 5
    I am currently doing AQ2013 and went for PTAX and BTAX, the only reason for doing so is the exemptions in ACA (I think I want to go there...), however the external auditing/assurance module is also quite good for ACA/CIPFA for it's exemption.

    I think fundamentally it would all come down to what you find interesting? I understand that you are unsure of your future direction but the appeal of external auditing for future qualifications is attractive (at least to me).

    From my experience of PTAX and BTAX at the moment, I don't find it too "mathesy" as I find its more to do with learning tax rules and how they apply in certain situations albeit there are some big questions that involve working.
  • nadzb05
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    Thanks - I'm probably leaning towards the tax modules just because I feel like they will be of more use to me in the future. I've heard that the Auditing unit is a bit dull as it's more like the Ethics unit (which I really didn't enjoy). I'm not really sure whats involved in the Cash and Credit Management units.

    I don't really know where to look for more information.
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