AVBK - advanced bookkeeping - thoughts?

Hi all,

Just started advanced bookkeeping, AVBK. Our part-time class has this schedule
Week 1: ch 1,2 and 3
Week 2: ch 4 and 5
Week 3: ch 5 and 6
Week 4: ch 6, 7 and 8
Then one week for each of the remaining 6 chapters, up to chapter 14
Two weeks of revisions, 12 weeks in total, using Kaplan books.

How did you find it, how are others finding it?

I'm gone past week 2 and I'm feeling a bit week in a couple of areas....the fact memory isn't too brilliant and I'm not applying what I'm learning as part of my daily job isn't very helpful :-')

I'm trying to keep up with the new chapters but I will definitely find beneficial reviewing some aspects of the first 3 chapters (review of Level 2) where I feel I'm a bit too slow and not always comfortable....I think I have the understanding but it takes me time on occasions... Anyone else in a similar situation?


  • Omni971
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    Im doing AVBK too although Im a AQ13 student doing days and our scheduled is;

    Wk1 Chp 1-4,
    Wk2 Chp 5-7,
    Wk3 Chp 8-11,
    Wk4 Chp 12 - 15.
    Wk5 - break to allow catch-up and finalise all kaplan testing.
    Our final week will be "application & practise" which I understand is testing and exam practise.

    We're at wk 4 this week and its been hard and slow for me. Im behind as I had to recap some of L2, Im not working currently and was a bit rusty. Im finding chapters 4&5 difficult to process but I'll get through it some how. I find visual displays of how to process things more retain-able than written word. If the tutor delivers the knowledge in haphazard way then my brain wont process it.

    I've got a really useful DEAD CLIC reminder which also includes SFP and SPL. I got it from a Facebook group called "Accounting Student Network (for AAT and other accounting qualifications) - if you go into their files its a pdf format, the group is pretty good too.
    Id recommend reviewing the L2 areas your rusty on by using the Kaplan class room recordings rather than going back through your folders/books. You really need to have your double entry, dead clic and classifications down because it'll be challenged in chapters 4, 5, 8, 9, 10. Im dreading this week which is chapters 12 - 14 "accruals & prepayments, suspense account and errors and extended trial balance in action".

    Don't forget your tutor is there to help you so bug them as many times as you need to, don't feel you cant but it also means you have to put in the practise & hours too. If you feel you don't connect with the tutor (I've experienced that) then they will have a manager who is also a tutor and will be willing to help - its part of their job role. Lastly its about practise, practise, practise. Best of luck!
  • norwich_alessio
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    Hi Omni,
    Wow, 5 weeks only... Looking at your plan it must mean you are full time? We go much slower but we have one class a week only.
    Are you using the Kaplan books? We do.

    Also, Thanks for the fb suggestion, I'm going to take a look asap. I'm still relying on my dead/clic so if something is helping further on spl/sfl, even better as I'm just memorising it all.

    I did L2 and went fine but it's been one year now and I know there are a couple of areas that I'm either very slow/undecided that need improving.
  • Omni971
    Omni971 Registered Posts: 2
    Hi, You must be doing evenings then? I'm doing day release which is 1 full day per week.
    I completed L2 Dec 2015 so it's been a while for me too. I really enjoy the double entry an I've realised that I prefer bookkeeping aspects. Yes we use Kaplan books and their online resources in 'my Kaplan' too. It's rather annoying that we're unable to send/upload docs here otherwise I'd have given you that DEAD CLIC doc.
  • norwich_alessio
    norwich_alessio Registered Posts: 13
    I like the fact you do can do the whole advanced bookkeeping in 5 weeks whereas we have our exam at the beginning of May!
    On the other hand,I'm putting quite a lot of extra hrs in as is, I'm not sure I could manage such a full immersion as I'm slow :-)

    If you are taking the exam before me, I'm expecting loaaaads of tips ;-)

    Thanks a lot for the pdfs : I've just joined and downloaded the slides you mentioned
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