AVBK - advanced bookkeeping - thoughts?

Hi all,

Just started advanced bookkeeping, AVBK. Our part-time class has this schedule
Week 1: ch 1,2 and 3
Week 2: ch 4 and 5
Week 3: ch 5 and 6
Week 4: ch 6, 7 and 8
Then one week for each of the remaining 6 chapters, up to chapter 14
Two weeks of revisions, 12 weeks in total, using Kaplan books.

How did you find it, how are others finding it?

I'm gone past week 2 and I'm feeling a bit week in a couple of areas....the fact memory isn't too brilliant and I'm not applying what I'm learning as part of my daily job isn't very helpful :-')

I'm trying to keep up with the new chapters but I will definitely find beneficial reviewing some aspects of the first 3 chapters (review of Level 2) where I feel I'm a bit too slow and not always comfortable....I think I have the understanding but it takes me time on occasions... Anyone else in a similar situation?
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