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Hi everyone,
I need some advice from people with similar situation to mine.
I work in an accounting practice for 2 years. I have a lot of responsibilities, from basic bookkeeping to advanced accounts preparation. In November I completed AAT Level 4 and received MAAT status.
My problem is my salary. I'm still on minimum wage, when I asked for a little bit more after completion of AAT, the response was that increase of minimum wage in April will be enough for me.
Do I really expect too much or that's rather normal situation?
Thank you for the answers


  • MarieNoelle
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    Look at the latest AAT salary survey (sorry I don't have a link to hand). I know there are regional variations but you should be able to ask more than minimum wage. If your employer really values your input and if you can show him you have done your research he may reconsider.
    Try and look around for similar positions in your area. I would have thought with MAAT and a couple of years experience you would be in a strong position.
    Good luck.
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