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Can't get Accounting job without experience

I am currently studying AAT part time at Kaplan Financial , but can't get a job in my chosen field of accountancy because I lack experience – yet I cannot afford to take an apprenticeships. I have always wanted to pursue a career in accounting. I had to take a six years’ career break because of financial problem I couldn’t able to study further. I am keen to progress in the accountancy world and am keen to improve my skills and further my professional development, while continue studying AAT.

I feel it is time to move into an accounting position. I have around six years’ of work experience in retail and seven months’ as a Purchase Ledger clerk, and this seems to be a major stumbling block. I am applying for jobs all over the London but no one will consider me without experience. I cannot gain experience until someone gives me a chance. For someone in their early 30s it is really not a viable option financially to take on an apprenticeships.

I believe that my work experience and current qualification, together with my knowledge and expertise, would make me an asset within any organisation. I feel I am academically qualified for an entry level position in accounts payable or as a purchase ledger clerk but no one will take the risk.


  • BertieBertie West Midlands Registered Posts: 376

    You need to write, or have someone write for you a solid CV, within this CV you must relate every job you've ever had to accountancy - use every transferable skill you have.

    Having seven months experience as a Purchase Ledger Clerk is a hell of alot longer than most new to accountancy.

    I can not emphasise enough, you need a solid CV.

    Yes you are qualified, if you've completed the entire syllabus, but you're coming up against candidates who are fresh out of University.

    Use your life experiences to your advantage, situations that in most cases younger folk have not experienced.

    There are charity positions available which would only take up a couple of hours per week on an evening.

    Other than that you just need a little luck.

    For what it is worth, I'd much sooner employ someone who is older. But that older person has to accept they will be on a salary and be given the duties of the younger Accounts Assistant.

    It is tough out there - don't give up.

    Good luck.

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