Friend wants to become a handyman/odd job man

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Good Afternoon
A friend of mine seems to have a gift from an early age of repairing/fixing things and the other day he suggested that he was thinking of becoming a handyman or an odd job man. He can do a whole host of things such as: putting up shelves, putting together flat pack furniture, tiling, laminate flooring, fixing curtains/blinds, fixing faulty toilets, painting, building and repairing fences, guttering, gardening.
However, to get a ‘feel’ of the work and reassure himself that he will not be the only odd job man in the region, he would like to meet up either face to face or online with other individuals who are already doing this type of work and thus to discuss the pros and cons of doing this type of work.
Is anybody aware of any such places where odd job/handymen meet up/socialise to discuss the type of work they do?
Finally, my friend is not very computer literate, which is the reason why I am writing the post for him!!
Any advice greatly appreciated.

Thank You.
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