What is mapping documents

Dear all,

I am studying Level 3 by self-study, meanwhile work full-timely in another field.
Could anybody help me with this question which annoys me recently. The question is

What is the mapping documents?
if you go to your MyAAT, in the studying support area, above the green light test. Do we need to submit this in order to pass one level? or just like before, pass all the exams in one level then move to another level?

Many thanks in advance. Any thoughts is much appreciated. I am in Scotland and have no study buddy to discuss with....


  • Adele69
    Adele69 Registered Posts: 320
    It sounds like the document that breaks down each module into what the exam question covers, learning objectives and what areas of the syllabus they are testing.

    If you are using the BPP books the introductory chapters are all about Mapping. When I did Level 3 last year to be honest I skipped over this as very dull and just got straight into the material, but I wasn't self studying then unlike now.

    I feel it is worth reading the AAT Performance Feedback though, imo

  • winterjasmine
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    Hi Adele69,

    Thank you so much for the reply which helps a lot.
    I am on Osborne AAT books. Looks I only need to pass five exams in this level. i will absolutely read the AAT Performance Feedback which I never heard before....
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