financial performance practise cba task 1.5 part e really stuck !!

Hi, I am doing practise paper 1 online for financial performance and I am stuck on task 5 part e, I have worked out the forecast values for September and December, but I can't work out the forecast cost per kilo using regression line for September?
September £2136.62
December £2543.84

A colleague has worked out the least squares regression line as y=24.69+2.14w where y is the cost per kilo and X is the period. June x3
Is period 41.

Please help and workings I am really stuck. Thanks

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  • Demi_m
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    Thank you for replying, I managed to work it out myself in the end, there doesn't seem to be a lot of practice on line regression in my text books. Thank you for your help though.
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