Workings for AAT online tests?

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I wish the AAT would put their workings out for the online tests on their website, I'm currently doing a question on capital gains tax and can't work out how they got their answer! Is their away they could put a step by step guide on how to work out the answers on the sample assessment answers document, so students can check their figures to make sure they are on the right path.

Is their away this could be done? It can be very frustrating trying to figure out how they got their answers.

I'm currently studying AAT Level 4! as part of my Finance Apprenticeship


  • AAT_Team
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    Hi @BradleyClaridge - unfortunately we can't do this. The AAT Sample Assessments are not supposed to be used for learning the course material. They are designed to be used at the end of your studying, during your revision phase, just to give you a taster of what the assessments look like. Please contact your training provider if you need help with understanding the course syllabus or for help with particular questions.
  • AlisonSwanson
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    Hi Bradley Claridge I'm a tutor and have been asking this for years. Despite the standard AAT response that 'practice assessments are not supposed to help you learn', of course students are going to use them as a learning tool and want to know how to get to the expected answers. It is extremely time consuming for tutors to have to create their own model answers for all AAT practice assessments.
    We have swapped to Kapkan books this year who do provide workings and explanations for their practice assessments ( although there are lots of typos) and for some of the AAT practice assessments.
    The AAT used to provide workings for the old paper based exams so I'm sure they could do it for the practice assessments - PLEASE!!
  • kt82
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    With the new grading system on 2016 syllabus, it would also be nice to have an indication of the questions you got right / wrong......the current system just saying you passed and are 'competent' doesn't tell you if you have passed marginally 71% and still got work to do, or if you are 95% there.
    Learning from your mistakes is a vital part of the practice exams especially as the AAT have a very particular way of wording some things (so you may know the theory - and be confident, but not be quite sure what the AAT question is actually asking because your training provider describes it in a different way). Especially as everyone is getting used to the new syllabus.
  • Bertie
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    If you post the question I'll tell you.
  • Adele69
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    For those still on AQ2013 I recently noticed the two AAT Practice Assessments are contained in the BPP Question Bank books, with workings (or at least they were in the 2015 Financial Performance book I picked up to help with exam revision)
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