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Hı, I'm doing AQ2013 and am doing the project at the moment but want to start business tax.
The original Kaplan book was for Fa2015 so I was told, either use the update sheet or buy another book.
I have just bought the Kaplan business tax FA2016 book from Amazon but it says it's for AQ2016.
Question is, is it the same exam??
I don't want to learn from this new book only to find that the exam content for AQ2016 is different from AQ2013 and fail because if it.
Please please help.....


  • PeterC
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    There are some differences in the syllabus. If you compare the two books, you might be lucky and find a lot is very similar, apart from changes in rates, allowances, etc.
  • HelloKirsty
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    Hi Tilki,

    Hopefully this helps.

    I have just had my BTAX AQ2013 exam (last week!). I studied with the Kaplan materials under FA2015 but my exam was FA2016.

    AQ2013 and AQ2016 are the different AAT syllabus' and I would expect the exams to vary somewhat.

    I didn't find my BTAX exam difficult and would say give it a go using the materials you have already. You are provided with a factsheet in the exam that provides allowances etc for the different FAs so as long as you have the theory and processes down, I think you should be fine.
  • sue2011
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    Hi guys
    please can u help me

    task 11b of the AAT assessment - the answer comes to £550,000 - is anyone able to show me the workings as I could not work this one out?
  • Bertie
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    What is the actual question?
  • sue2011
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    edited March 2017
    sue sold a business in july 2012 and made a gain 7500 000, in February 2017 she sold another business makimg gain of 4 000 000 , neither of these business are residuel proprties
    sue used her annual exempt amount on her capital disposal .the amount of capital gain tax that sue will pay on the disposal of business in february ?
    many thx Bertie
  • Bertie
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    Is there more to this question?

    If not the answer is wrong. If Sue has used her AEA on another capital disposal -

    £2,500,000 left of the ER lifetime limit. Taxed at 10% £250,000
    Remaining 1,500,000 taxed at 20% as non-res £300,000
    Total £550,000

    If the question is wrong, or I've read it incorrectly I get
    £2,500,000 taxed at 10% £250,000
    11100 X 0%
    £1,500,000 - £11100 X 20% £297,780
    Total £547,780
  • Tilki
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    Thank you HelloKirsty
    I'm planning on working from the original Kaplan book and new fact sheet and have purchased the BPP book that is AQ2013 with FA2016 to use as a reference should I need it.
    I was part way through BTAX when I was told I had to start the project and wasn't finding it difficult at all so hopefully I can just pick up where I left off once I've finished the dreaded project.
  • sue2011
    sue2011 Registered Posts: 6
    Thx a lot the answer 550,000 is right the first explanation make sens thx again
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