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Tilki Registered Posts: 18 New contributor ?
Hı, I'm doing AQ2013 and am doing the project at the moment but want to start business tax.
The original Kaplan book was for Fa2015 so I was told, either use the update sheet or buy another book.
I have just bought the Kaplan business tax FA2016 book from Amazon but it says it's for AQ2016.
Question is, is it the same exam??
I don't want to learn from this new book only to find that the exam content for AQ2016 is different from AQ2013 and fail because if it.
Please please help.....


  • Bertie
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    Can you not return the book for the AQ2013 version?

    The answers will be the same but the questions maybe different. FA2016 is FA2016 regardless of what the syllabus covers.

    Only a tutor could really answer the question, one who has had exposure to both syllabuses, unless you can compare the syllabus on a like for like basis.

    I don't want to say you'll be fine with the AQ2016 book, yet I doubt you'll go far wrong.

  • Tilki
    Tilki Registered Posts: 18 New contributor ?
    Hı, The AQ2013 book is for FA2015 rather than FA2016.
    What I really need is a book for AQ2013 with FA2016 but I can't seem to find one anywhere.
    I'm studying with Kaplan and am getting no response from them about it at all.
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