MABU AQ2016 Exam


I can see that even without the written questions in the MABU exam you can still achieve 75% if you get 100% on the rest of the questions; you can even drop 8 marks and still achieve 70%.

I was just wondering why they can't tell you if you are competent instantly and then give you the final percentage later on, after the written parts have been marked.



  • rakeshsuwal
    rakeshsuwal Registered Posts: 79
    You have to achieve pass on 1 of the written at least and some marks on other to pass the paper.
  • rakeshsuwal
    rakeshsuwal Registered Posts: 79
    Passing numerical only isn't enough.
  • Adele69
    Adele69 AAT Student Posts: 320
    I just read on the Feedback to AAT category someone asking this last year for another module, so it has already been answered, as a no.

    Personally, I dislike the written questions mostly because it's difficult to gauge the boundary between an answer that is too concise to get the marks and one that contains too much waffle and may answer the question but get you lost in the process. They seem to swallow up a lot of time. I ran out of time on the Financial Statements exam for the first time ever. Really needed another 10 minutes to properly finish the last question, had a brain freeze while watching those last seconds go by. But from a workplace point of view they are more realistic than just feeding back computational answers. In years past I've dealt with a lot of FOI and external audit data requests and also needed to explain what was supplied.
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