acca, cima?

Hoping to get some advice,
I work within managements accounts and wanted to get started on CIMA, I have done level 3 AAT was hoping to move straight on to CIMA, Will I have to do level 4 first to be able to do this or can I just go straight for CIMA! I know people recommend doing level 4 but I would rather not if I don't have to.......



  • Bertie
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    What's not to like about level 4?

    If you don't finish AAT you'll not have a full accounting qualification.

    Yes of course you can go straight to CIMA, you'll be starting at the very bottom mind - same applies to ACCA.

    Get level 4 AAT, gain an accounting qualification and also exemptions from the now four CIMA certificate papers - or first three ACCA papers.

    I'd stick it out.
  • David Ballantyne
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    I'm one of those who has not finished CIMA, but I am AAT fully qualified.

    Advantages of being AAT fully qualified:
    You can actually call yourself a qualified accountant.
    You could set up your own accountancy practice.
    You are exempt from CIMA certificate level.
    For AAT full qualification you need to have your experience signed off by another qualified accounting professional; this makes you more marketable because you have verified experience.
    It is definitely better to be AAT fully qualified and CIMA part qualified than not fully qualified in either.

    CIMA vs ACCA. If you come from an industry background rather than a practice background, CIMA is easier to get a practising certificate with than ACCA if you want to set up your own practice.
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