Does anybody know which units can be transferred from AQ2013 to AQ2016?

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some advice please. I purchased my L4 course for AQ2013 back in July 2016. Unfortunately I've had various issues with work and health and have not yet been able to start my studies...all of which need to be completed by 31st Dec 2017!! Does anyone know which units can be transferred across from AQ2013 to AQ2016? I ask as it might help me to prioritise my studies which I am about to begin.

Many thanks for your help!


  • rakeshsuwal
    rakeshsuwal Registered Posts: 79
    ISYS won't, rest will if you pass. You will be awarded only 70% for each paper transfered.
  • jodyewhite
    jodyewhite AAT Student Posts: 35
    I was told that you have to sit an exam before you can transfer to AQ2016 with all aspects of level 4, does anyone know if this is correct?
  • JK9194
    JK9194 Registered Posts: 18 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐
    Hi dmoores2002, I got the same problem with you so I am back now to complete before 31st Dec 2017. If I don't make it then some of my achievements will be straight transferred to AQ2016. Those fail units or haven't start units, they will need to be transferred to AQ2016 and need to pay fees etc.

  • Adele69
    Adele69 AAT Student Posts: 320
    I started in early Oct 2016 and still feel a bit rushed, was feeling quite ill with a stomach problem for 3 months upto and including the exam in Jan 2017 but couldn't put it off any longer. Doing Financial Performance next week. Might be better doing the AQ2013 for this as it sounds like the AQ2016 was a lot tougher than most people expected.

    As rakeshusuwal said, the Project won't transfer over so would leave this until last. I don't know how involved this part is and whether it would be doable while also working on the other two optional units.

    I started on Financial Statements though a colleague who is also doing L4 started with Budgeting (which I'm planning to do after next week as my 3rd topic). Financial Performance has some carryover from Costs & Revenues L3, though Financial Statements includes variance analysis, so didn't need to restudy this area.
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