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Time Management during an Exam?

Adele69Adele69 CambridgeAAT Student Posts: 320
Haven't found anyone mention this yet, or maybe my searching wasn't thorough enough. Up until now I have managed to get through almost every exam well before the finish time, but in Financial Statements I ran out of time on the last question; and doing my prep for Financial Performance I didn't even get onto question 10 in the first Sample Assessment in study support earlier today.

Do you actively skip questions that drain time to get a better chance of gaining those marks or just work through as quick as you can? I'm worried I might not pass not because I don't understand or can't calculate the correct answers, I just can't get through calculating on paper and type them into the boxes fast enough, and how do you practice getting faster without making mistakes. I made a right hash of a Target Costing question all by the way it was laid out seemingly to slow you down, but almost everything else was correct, even those pesky FOH variances.
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