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Hi all,

I'm currently on a break from studying my AAT level 4, having moved jobs, I thought it would be best to get more experience with real accounts before attempting my level 4 again.

At my college where I studied level 3 I had an amazing tutor! He was always on email when needed and responded in depth to any questions I had between lessons, he gave us so many past papers and encouraged us to email them back to him before our next lesson so he could give us feedback.

However now having moved, I don't feel like I have the same support. My old college did not provide level 4, so I have moved to a very big training provider. Just wondering is anyone has any recommendations of training providers?

Thank you
Sairah ☺️


  • Zoynal98
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    Hi Sairah,

    There are a wide range of Colleges/Training Providers; the two main ones I know are BPP and Kaplan.

    Hope this helps.
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