I am studying at the moment Financial Performance (AAT Level 4) and I came across a question that I had to calculate a percentage and use this one in my calculation.
However the percentage was 66.67%.
When I finished the question, I looked at the answers and the fraction of 2/3 was used instead of the percentage.
Could you please confirm what should be used during the exam when the percentage is not a round figure?

Thank you


  • rakeshsuwal
    rakeshsuwal Registered Posts: 79
    May i ask what calculation it was and where/which provider you came across with that question/answer?
    Calculation in Performance are normally in % or ratio (e.g. 2:1) or just final figure of 0.5.
  • Elisabeth
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    Hello, sorry I got it wrong it's Financial Statement. BPP Question bank - 1 September 2015 ( 2013 syllabus)
    Chapter 5 - The consolidated statement of financial position - Task 5.5. when we need to calculate the percentage of the purchase of ordinary share capital of the subsidiary for the parent company.
    When doing the calculation (8000000/12000000)*100=66.67%
    But in the answer, they use 2/3.
    What should I use during the exam if nothing is specify?
    Thank you
  • Zoynal98
    Zoynal98 MAAT, AATQB Posts: 65
    Hi Elizabeth,

    Both will be correct but the question asks for a %. In the real AAT exam you will need to enter a number rather than a fraction. It will also ask how many decimal places you need to answer the question by. For example, 2 decimal place will be: 16.6666...% = 16.67%; 33.3333...% = 33.33% etc. The exam will instruct you otherwise.

    Inputting numbers into the calculator:
    When it comes to calculations use the fraction instead of the number (when you input the number in the calculator) for example: 66.66% of £30 (0.666666... x £30) = £19.999998, this will not give you the whole number whereas if you use a fraction it will give you a whole number for example: (2/3) x £30 = £20 (on the calculator).

    Hope this helps
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