Deciding on which Optional AAT Level 4 modules to do?

This is more aimed at those who have already completed level 4, or at least begun the optional parts

I'm currently on the third of the three compulsory modules and haven't yet decided which optional modules to do and time is running out. How did you decide? Did you know before starting L4? Did you regret or drop any of them?

I was thinking about doing the two Tax options, though have sometimes been caught out on the calculating tax charge on SPL for a Company Statement where liability has changed over two years. No particular desire to go into AR even though a lot of jobs in Cambridge area in Sales ledger


  • Adele69
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    I don't work in Finance, though indirectly have access to all modules as I do application support work for a local authority who uses Oracle. I've previously worked in Payables and Purchasing, so know these areas a lot more than Receivables; and General Ledger a bit though many years ago (before we moved to Oracle) I did Admin Support in Education so had some knowledge of journals, virements and budgeting; suspense account clearing, Transactions and BCRs (from a LA perspective).

    I don't really know if this will help my present position which, in the next year could be threatened as they move onto another system to save money, one I know little or nothing about. Doing the AAT was a form of CPD in that if I couldn't find a LA post in Finance somewhere else it might at least be useful. Most senior staff are AAT, CIPFA or part CIMA qualified
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    Quick overview on the 3 main professional qualifications:

    Financial Accounting: ACA (ICAEW) - Required to complete 3 optional units to get the maximum exemptions, this includes: External Auditing, Personal and Business Tax.

    Financial Accounting: ACCA - Any 2 optional units will allow you to get the full exemptions for the qualification.

    Management Accounting: CIMA - Any 2 optional units will allow you to get the full exemptions for the qualification.
  • Adele69
    Adele69 AAT Student Posts: 320
    Appreciate the contribution, though it's the opposite direction to what I was asking.

    Which of the following did you choose at L4 and why:
    • Business Tax
    • Personal Tax
    • Cash Management
    • Auditing
    • Credit Management
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    I did the 2 tax modules as they were the most relevant to the direction I wanted to go in, since completing AAT I have now moved on to study ATT
    I think you need to think which 2 modules are going to be the most beneficial to you in the future
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