To renew membership or not?

Henna Registered Posts: 10
So my dilemma is that I have sat all exams and I am just waiting for my provisional result of PETH to be confirmed. After this I will have completed level 3. I am only doing level 3 as it was to be able to get into a degree course I wanted to do. My membership runs out on 1/4/17. My training provider said that I should have my confirmed result within 4 weeks on the 28th Feb. So that means the 28th of march. My only concern is that my membership will run out before I get my confirmed result. I also called AAT and they weren't paticularly clear about the whole topic and said that if I didn't need to sit exams in May then I don't need to renew it? As I applied to university I need to also send them my results as soon as I finish. Let's say I don't get my result till after my membership runs out and it's a pass (if this is even possible) will I still get the full qualification or will I need to re-do Peth and sdst and the synoptic on the 2016 syllabus? I was just wondering if you actually have to renew your membership if you are just waiting for a result to be confirmed. Thanks and sorry for such a long question.
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