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Good Afternoon All,

This question will seem pretty silly to most but i shall ask it anyway.
I am studying my AAT AQ2013 Level 4 At the moment (Personal Tax and Business Tax Modules Passed, 4 more to go), yet i don't feel confident in Bookkeeping yet ? is this normal ? I am lucky to have quite a few Sole Traders/Small Companies asking for myself to do there bookkeeping/accounts for them (Lucky to have a popular brother) and i was wondering are there any resources i can use to get a more "real life" experience/case study to practise on ?

Any help will be appreciated greatly.

Just for Clarification on my background with AAT/Work
AAT Level 2 Passed 2016
AAT level 3 Passed 2016
AAT Level 4 (2 out of 6 complete)
Accounts Assistant (Mainly standard invoice Entry) for a medium sized company.


  • RosieNC
    RosieNC Registered Posts: 17
    I'm about to complete Level 3, so theoretically could register as AAT Bookkeeper. However, I wouldn't feel ready to take on clients. I think the key is to get experience as well as the theory of the qualification. Easier said Than done sometimes! But try finding a bookkeeper or accountant who needs some help
  • stefanG
    stefanG Registered Posts: 4
    RosieNC Thanks for the response, I will look into it once i have passed level 4 in about 3 months. Its annoying/flattering to get alot of people ask you to do there books for them but just questioning my own confidence at the moment.
  • Tess1
    Tess1 Registered Posts: 4
    Great to know you can do bookkeeping with L3 Qual.
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