Details on the optional Level 4 modules?


I'm studying Level 4 at the moment (2013 version) and I'm just starting my third module, Budgeting. I know you can choose two modules from Business Tax, Personal Tax, Credit Control and External Auditing, and was wondering if there's anywhere I can find more information about these modules in order to help me choose? Details about what they involve, which are easier/more difficult, longer/shorter, which are more likely to be in demand in a workplace? Any info would be great!


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    This really depends on what route of accountancy/finance you want to take.

    Where do you currently work (Accounts department, Accounting Firm etc)?

    What are you most interested in (Auditing/Tax/Other(Please specify :) )?

    There are also the professional qualifications that are open to you after AAT, I look at them based on exemptions you can gain from AAT.

    Here's quick overview on the 4 main professional qualifications (there are more) :

    Financial Accounting: ACA (ICAEW) - Required to complete 3 optional units to get the maximum exemptions, this includes: External Auditing, Personal and Business Tax.

    Financial Accounting: ACCA - Any 2 optional units will allow you to get the full exemptions for the qualification.

    Management Accounting: CIMA - Any 2 optional units will allow you to get the full exemptions for the qualification.

    Tax Accounting: ATT and CTA - Complete both Tax modules as part of your optional modules

    I have completed External Auditing so far as part of my Optional Modules. The subject is dry but once you absorb the key information you should be fine with the exam. The exam is 2 hours with 32 tasks and most of the questions are multiple choice.

    This is quiet brief, let me know if you need any more info.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hi Rosie, it's probably best if one of our team give you a call, if you DM us your contact number we can get somebody to call you with some advice. Thanks
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    very similar to a question I asked a week earlier:

    what happened to the earlier response from someone else btw?
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    That was my response, I think I accidentally deleted somehow whilst I was editing it. :#
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