Newbie :)

Just thought I'd introduce myself on here.
I am going to start Level 2 with Avado next month. Anyone have any experience with them? And any useful tips? I don't have an accountancy background, so it's all new to me.
I'm looking forward to the challenge, I think!



  • SJ14
    SJ14 Registered Posts: 2
    Great to meet you.
    I did it with them as well, just do all the activities and make sure you are comfortable with the green light tests and practice exams on the AAT website before sitting your exams.
    If you're stuck the tutors are pretty helpful so make sure you use them.
    Good luck!
  • sabreena
    sabreena Registered Posts: 2
    Hi Sam,
    Nice to meet you. I have had a great experience with them so far, they've been really helpful.
    Thank you for your advice. I'm sure I'll be in touch as I'm going through the course!

    Have a lovely day.
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