Having a career as a public speaker

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Good Morning Folks

i hope you're all well. In a few years' time I'm thinking of semi retiring and creating a career in public speaking. Do you think this is a viable thing to do or is public speaking only for the rich and famous?



  • MarieNoelle
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    What will be your expertise?
  • Bertie
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    Ha ha!

    I got reported for abuse in that thread.

    Stand-up comedian?

    Continue with threads like this and you'll soon be tall enough for people to start taking you seriously.
  • AllysaN
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    Public speaking is for everyone, if you're good, you're good. Just don't expect it to be an easy thing to start up, many people want to do it. That said, many people aren't good. So maybe that's where your edge is. Are you experienced?
  • geek84
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    Thanks for you reply.

    However, I don't have experience !!
  • AllysaN
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    Don't worry, here's what you do. (well, what I do, but you should try it too :p )

    You can do this right now.

    1. Just go to an article like this: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/292610 pick the first two points (1. Prepare and Rehearse and 2. Study ...)
    2. Read it a couple of times until you remember it
    3. Take out your phone and make it stand up so you can record yourself standing
    YEP, this is really happening
    4. Watch the recording and see how you look.

    Now, SHOW IT TO PEOPLE. That's tough isn't it?

    Do this as often as you can and keep going. You want to build your confidence. There's sooo much out there on stance and things you can do. Read that. BUT Don't forget about confidence. That's what you're building here. When you're confident, you'll automatically stop fidgeting and going "uhm" all the time. Also, don't try to emulate someone else. Be you. Check out this lady: http://www.publicspeaking.school/7-tips-mini-training , it's a quick ten minute training on public speaking, very confidence focused. \Watch how natural her talk is.

    Seen these? Now record again. And again. And again.

    Hope this helps!

    You'll immediately know if this is something for you

    Just don't give up too soon!
  • geek84
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    Thanks very much
  • AllysaN
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    Hey have you already started taking action and working towards being an awesome speaker?
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