AAT Qualified,but offered ATT studying

Hey guys,

I'm qualified to level 3 AAT, and have applied for a loads of roles recently one highly regarded practice around my area has gotten back to me.

They are offering me to study ATT. My question is at 20 years old do you think being CTA qualified and then eventually finishing off my AAT studies and going for ACCA would be a good idea?

The reason I'm asking this is because it's a great opportunity for me at this age and I don't mind working in practice (offered good salary/study) but eventually I'd like to work in a big business as a financial controller or director. So would being CTA and ACCA qualified help this?

Just super confused about the path I'd be taking. Thinking the experience in multiple areas would be valuable to a big business employer but I'm unsure so wondering if anyone out there has any opinions on this.

Thankyou, sorry if it's a bit jumbled.
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