Never give up!

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Morning everyone! I dont come on her very often, but i am bursting this morning. Yesterday I was awarded Fellow Membership to the AAT. I am so happy and proud of myself. All the hard work over the years has finally paid off.

Never give up on your dreams or studies, I had a career change at 35 and self studied AAT from home whilst working full time. I now run my own accountancy practice. It doesnt matter how old you are, if you want it bad enough you can achieve anything.

Deborah Carpenter FMAAT AATQB ICPA !!


  • David Ballantyne
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    Well done Deborah. I wish you continued success.

    David Ballantyne
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  • SydneyBarrett
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    Great, keep goin :)
  • Yalda20
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    @deborahcarpenter - thanks so much for sharing this with us. I am really inspired by this.

    Thank you.
  • DannyT90
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    May I ask what job you was doing full time while studying? Wasn't it in an accounting role?
  • graham_roberts
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    Hi Deborah and congratulations, i am at that point now where i just want to start my own bookkeeping business on the side for now i am 1 exam away from completing level 4 and am just starting to look into what i will need to go solo. I work as the accounts department for an engineering company and do all the accounts related work up to prepare the mgt accounts. I just would like to know what exactly people expect from the bookkeepers and what layouts to use and what to ask from the clients. I will look further into all this but any advice would be appreciated
  • deborahcarpenter
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    Hi Danny
    I worked in the motor trade for 25 years. I was service manager for a Renault main dealer whilst I studied level 2. Working over 50 hrs a week! And travelling 2-3 hrs per day. I left and got a part time job at a charity in their accounts department whilst I done level 3 and then also attended college 2 days per week for level 4 as it was such a jump up from level 3. My pt job also have me my work experience so I could gain MAAT status. After that I just took on more and more clients and eventually left to run my practice full time.
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