AAT 1987 - Syllabus, Course & Intermediate Level Exam

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This may seem an odd topic or request for information.

Having just being offered a new job (nothing to do with accounting) my new employer is conducting some standard background checks that includes my education history.

Back in 1987 (yes I know it's a long, long time ago) I took an AAT course in a business college in Dublin and in my first year I obtained a PASS grade in my intermediate level exam which was covered in one year. Subjects included Accounting, Business Law, Economics and Statistics, Elements of Information Systems. The following year I completed but failed the next stage which included Cost Accounting etc......

As the syllabus and courses look completely different these days and there appears to be no reference on the AAT site, I was wondering if any body knew if the Intermediate Level course and exam was a course in itself or if it was just part of an overall 2 year course. Would be interested to know how AAT view this
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