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ClaireL91 Registered Posts: 3
I have today tried to log on to SecureAssess to submit my final draft of my project having previously submitted two drafts to my tutor via email and updating my report following their feedback. My keycode wouldn't I rang the exams office who are saying that my deadline was actually Saturday 13th May (2 days ago) now my the access has been voided. What does this mean? Do I get a fail for this unit now? What can I do I am genuinely gutted as I have actually completed my final draft I have everything to submit for today thinking this was my deadline :(


  • Bertie
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    I would suggest that if your computer; failed, blew-up, was stolen, even possibly your service provider was down on Saturday, which is highly likely if you're a customer of Virgin - this would be a possible / probable reasonable excuse.

    If none of the above occured you may have to take it on the chin, unfortunately.

    Either way, get on the dog and bone pronto.
  • ClaireL91
    ClaireL91 Registered Posts: 3
    I have been on the phone to the AAT who have advised me to get in touch with my tutor who does not work Mondays which is delaying things more so don't think there is anything more I can do until tomorrow now. Would I really just get a fail for this unit now? Other units allow a re-sit so would there be no option for me to re-submit (even though I haven't actually submitted first one)

    So angry I have spent to long on this project :s
  • Kala
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    Hopefully things work in your favour. Same situation for myself. If any questions asked to tutor I won't get feedback till the dateline for submission. By the way I am doing chic paint case stud and need help if any one could contribute please
  • ClaireL91
    ClaireL91 Registered Posts: 3
    Looks like I will have to submit a whole new project/case study :( never will make a mistake like this again!!
  • Bertie
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    That's terrible - sorry to hear that.

    Have you tried calling the AAT?

    Maybe clutching at straws, but it's worth a shot.
  • Zoynal98
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    edited May 2017
    Oh no!

    At least you know the format of the Project now so you'll be fine to do most of it without guidance and hopefully get it done on the first submission of the final draft.

    Good luck! :+1:
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