Depreciation included a budgeted variable element of £1.00 how to calculate fixed cost?

I'm kind of in a fix with budgeting assignment 3 task 1 v) how to calculate that because its confusing question says its variable but later it says you need to calculate budgeted depreciation fixed cost.
Also with preparing revised operating statement, please. :'(


  • Adele69
    Adele69 AAT Student Posts: 320
    I've looked through the two AAT assignments for AQ2013 (since I'm revising for Budgeting at the end of the month) but have no idea what question you are asking
  • RuhinaAzad22
    RuhinaAzad22 Registered Posts: 7
    Sorry about that my question was too much muddled up with task 1 and 2 of budgeting assignment 3 but I have found one solution for how to calculate v) question of budgeted depreciation fixed cost.
    Now I am going forward to operating statement. If I need help I'll ask. Thanks.
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