PETH exam

Hi guys, i am struggling to pass the ethics exam having failed twice now. Any tips on what to revise or how best to revise as clearly i must be doing something wrong.


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    PETH was my least favourite unit in L3. Because it's a purely written exam it's difficult to judge if you have sufficient knowledge of the syllabus. It is also very easy just to read the answers in the practice assessments and call it revision :)

    What I found really helped me to pass PETH (and all "wordy" exams) was to look at the learning outcomes. This should be done for each and every unit but usually if I can do the calculations I know I can pass the number questions.

    You can find the learning outcomes on your AAT website under study resources but they are also in Kaplan and BPP text books - not Osborne.

    It may seem a long list of outcomes to learn but it helps you focus on the important areas.

    Good luck.
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