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Level 4 project

need some help regarding aat level 4 project.i have given scenario of a to z vehicle hire.i dont know what to write and how to start.there is no example of this scenario online plz anyone let me know how to start.


  • CasuCasu Registered, Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 102
    Start with a list of all the weaknesses of the business. That will get things moving.
  • BertieBertie West Midlands Registered Posts: 376
    Read the material.

    Read it again.

    Re-read and highlight the issues and strengths.

    Look at the mapping/plan. What is it asking for?

    Look at it from within and look at it from the point of an outsider.

    Unfortunately it is down to your own interpretation of the situation.
  • jaspreetjaspreet Registered Posts: 19
    Thanx is there any online example for A to Z vehicle hire
  • jaspreetjaspreet Registered Posts: 19
    My friend is doing chicpic there is sample example available online but when I look at A to Z vehicle hire I couldn't find anything online
  • BertieBertie West Midlands Registered Posts: 376
    All I can suggest then really is to read through the Chic Paints report, get a feel for what the writer is trying to get across and implement the same sort of style to your report.

    Have you written your plan yet? IIRC some of the questions on the plan are quite leading.

    You will then build your report around your plan.
  • AlisonSwansonAlisonSwanson Registered, Tutor Posts: 209
    Also there is an AAT guide to writing the project. It will tell you everything you need to know. And definitely DON'T copy any reports that are online.
  • jaspreetjaspreet Registered Posts: 19
    Thanx I will use Aat guide
  • BertieBertie West Midlands Registered Posts: 376
    Yes, it goes without saying - plagiarism is bad, at best a fail, at worst expulsion.
  • BlueJeansBlueJeans LondonRegistered Posts: 56
    I used BPP book for the project.
    It was really helpful, not just with the layout, but lots of ideas as well. I would suggest you buy it. :)
    Good luck with the project too :)
    Believe you can and you're halfway there...
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