BTAX AQ2013!!!!

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone can let me know if there is any allowances for leased cars??? I am a self studier and unfortunately have old books, which are still helping, but of course some info has changed. I tried to look it up online but nothing helpful has come up. I did read that you can claim 85% of the lease cost for vehicles with 130 co2 or more... But then it didn't mention anything about vehicles under the 130....

Any help would be grateful :)


  • Casu
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    Self study doesn't mean use old materials for courses where you are reliant on finance acts. Either buy some books, can get them cheaply from providers or be prepared to check every single item out and take your learning from HMRC! First Intuition, Kaplan or bpp still do the relevant material
  • Karl19
    Karl19 Registered Posts: 10
    I agree. I've purchased the relevant material now so hopefully my question will be answered, thanks.
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