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peter4run AATQB Posts: 9
Hi there. Can a student member claim to HMRC the membership fee (apply to change the tax code)? And if yes, can claim it for previous years as well?
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  • Irrorate
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    I don't believe AAT are on the approved tax relief list but a quick Google search would reveal the answer to this.
  • peter4run
    peter4run AATQB Posts: 9
    AAT are on HMRC list. The question remain: a student member can apply or need to be full member?
    To post that question here means that I did a small research first. Therefore an answer "google it" is not an answer. Thanks anyway.
  • CSan89
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    If you work in accountancy then i don't see why not. Even studying i would say it is highly likely that you can claim. Not sure about previous years but i have a feeling that you can claim back from previous 6 years but i wouldn't hold me to that :p
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  • peter4run
    peter4run AATQB Posts: 9
    I pay the subscription of course.
  • NeilH
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    Professional subscriptions (on the HMRC list) are deductible providing they are required/related to your job, however, training and study costs are not deductible. HMRC may view student membership fees as part of training/study costs.
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