synoptic results



  • Marcella13Marcella13 Posts: 16Registered
    @gagan I failed too 65% not as bad as I thought I would but still gutted it's my first fail in 3 years of studying. Chin up it was a pathetic exam for most, so many people are complaining about it on Facebook. I'm going to resit in September and start reading each week now. We'll get there eventually :)
  • gagangagan Posts: 69Registered
    I achieved 77% in budgeting without any effort financial 93% D&C 69%
    I've been one of unluckiest who is getting hardest question in my exam and this synoptic I think English is not my first language that's why I'm facing this problem otherwise I get things more quicker than others
  • gagangagan Posts: 69Registered
    I'm going to retake in September hopefully I'll pass
  • Marcella13Marcella13 Posts: 16Registered
    @gagan I've flown the past 3 so in hindsight we should have passed this! I knew I got a really hard exam for this next hopefully we're one of the lucky ones and we get an easier paper! We'll get it next time I'm sure!!
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