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Hi. I was meant to start my ISYS course last week and have so far completed the tasks I needed to. For this week I needed to complete my proposal but I need the case study in order to complete this. My assessor sent me a code to login in to secure access but all I can find on it is the generating evidence sheet and the mapping document. No case study. Have they set me up on the wrong login is there somewhere else I need to be looking for the case study? Is there anyway someone could send me it so I can complete the proposal this weekend? My assessor does not seem willing to help me and have been ignoring my e-mails for most of this week only to send a rude and vague e-mail this afternoon which left me angry. Please can someone help.


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    Hi @davidcatherall,

    I'm not sure what the evidence sheet you refer to is. I was given two documents the assessment book which is the tasks plus case study and the mapping document.

    There are more than one case study available.

    The assessment book is to be treated the same as any AAT examinable document - it states clearly "Live assessment" on the top of the page and cannot be shared or distributed.

    I suggest contacting AAT directly if your training provider is still not very helpful. .

    Good luck with your project.
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