Level 4 ISYS: Case Study

Telibento Registered Posts: 3
Hi, I am doing the Chic Paints Ltd case study and was wondering what part of the company other students have chosen to review.
After reading the case I can only think recommendations for the Purchase Ledger and Sales Ledger.
Would that be enough? Has anyone else only done those sections and passed? Has somebody done others sections, or more?

PS. Have just started it and feeling a bit confused and overwhelmed.


  • Monkeygal90
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    Hi, I had Chic Paints Ltd too. If you google this.. you get lots of clues :)
    I wrote about Accounts Payable as I used to work in it. There are lots of weaknesses overall to write about if you really put your mind to it as having good controls in place for making huge amounts of payments on a weekly basis is very important.
  • Rebecca_JORDISON
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    aaaah Chic Paints Ltd.... I did the Accounts Receivable function, i thought there were lots of areas to white about. Yes you could use Google, but i'd reccomend thinking about what area you maybe have worked in. I didnt actually work in any areas, but i chose an area i knew about well and could identify with.
    If your struggling, Pick an area, say AP and then highlight each AP "weakness", if your struggling to find them, try another area and highlight their weaknesses (in another colour), go with the majority that you find, and then you should have th

  • Debbie021
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    I focused on Payroll, Credit Control and Inventory Control. Just received first feedback from tutor and not too bad. Weaknesses and Recommendation sections got good feedback. My struggle was with mapping relationships with other functions, and other bits not in W's and R's. My problem is, I can't put things into words.
  • Telibento
    Telibento Registered Posts: 3
    Thanks everybody, eventually I chose AR & credit control, since I feel I have had more contact with this function.
    I am currently in the process of writing the weaknesses and recommendations and I totally understand you Debbie021. I know all the things that are wrong and they are all very clear in my mind but putting it in writing and explain why they're wrong....Argh!!!! :s:s
  • AlisonSwanson
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    Try explaining each weakness in 3 steps
    1 - state what the weakness is
    2 - what problems has this weakness caused or what problems could it potentially cause ?
    3 - what is the impact or potential impact on the business, for example could the weakness lead to financial statements being inaccurate / potential for fraud / increased costs ?

    Make sure you have a recommendation for each weakness.
  • Telibento
    Telibento Registered Posts: 3
    Thank you Alison, would you say that if I don't find or can't write a recommendation it would be better off not writing that weakness?
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