External Auditing - Advice

I have decided to study the External Auditing optional unit for my final exam. I am looking for someone who has recently studied this who can offer some advice on how to approach the exam? I have ordered the Osborne Tutorial and workbook.

I hope someone can give me some direction on how they found is best to study for this unit.


  • Dhrushi
    Dhrushi Registered Posts: 7
    Hi did you manage to get some advice on this subject. I did this module last year but never sat the exam. Am starting to relearn the subject again by myself as i am sitting the exam on the 9th of September. I am just going through the notes and doing the exam questions related to each chapter after the i finish that particular chapter. i hope this helps
  • tinkerbell0406
    tinkerbell0406 Registered Posts: 58
    I passed this in the spring, just used Osborne and aat online resources. Exam v.much same as example assessments. I think.i could have got a few extra marks on the written questions if i had been use to doing them and going more in depth.
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