PETH AQ2013 Timed out

Hi everyone, I have just sit my PETH (AQ2013) today, it is my last exam to complete Level 3 under the old syllabus.
I am really scared as, I completed all the task, but I just managed to complete them all at the very last minute, and when I was just about to press the Finish button the very last seconds available I had left, my screen timed out. I am wondering.. have all my answers being saved automatically when timing out? .. I really hope so.. Please, if someone could kindly reassure me.. as waiting 6 weeks with this doubt does not really help.
Many thanks


  • ScottB
    ScottB Registered Posts: 21
    @Elenissima don't worry this happened to me 2 or 3 times in level 4 and it saved, I worried too but don't worry all should b OK, good luck
  • Elenissima
    Elenissima Registered Posts: 2
    Hi Scott, thanks.It makes sense, otherwise to be fair they should clarify it and possibly should be given an option to save what you have done in the case you run out of time and get to the very last second, at least not to lose everything you have done. Many thanks and.... . finger crossed :)
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