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ISYS Project

Hi Everyone, I'm doing the ISYS Project and have submitted my plan a couple of days ago. Just wondered how long it took for everyone to get responses from their mentors . I'm dying to get this over and done with as (hopefully, pending exam result due in 2 weeks) it's my last bit to completing Level 4. Plus, I'd really like to be able to start ACCA in September. How long did it take between each response? And how long did the whole thing take altogether? Many thanks


  • Zoynal98Zoynal98 MAAT, AATQB Posts: 65
    It usually takes a few days subject to how many students your assessor has to mark. If it is taking longer than expected make sure you follow up with them. It took me about 3 months to complete the ISYS Project and I got the result 1 - 2 months later.

    Tip: Always amend your work according to the comments your assessor has made as they will not go over the sections they have already marked until the final submission. You have 5 attempts for the last submission so make every piece of work count.

    Good luck.
  • DhrushiDhrushi Registered Posts: 7
    Hi Alicia, I am also doing my ISYS project and am still doing the plan. How are you finding it so far?
  • Alicia84Alicia84 Registered Posts: 46
    Hi Guys, only just seen this as I didn't receive notification. @Zoynal98 did it really take that long? I've read on here some people have done it inside like a month! I was hoping to start ACCA by September, but guess that's looking unlikely.
    @Dhrushi , I found the plan easy (ish) to complete in terms of I knew exactly what I wanted to write etc, just very hard going (ie 20hrs!) as I had so much to put on it. Dying to get the feedback so I can just get on with it.
  • DhrushiDhrushi Registered Posts: 7
    I'm actually struggling with the plan too. I'm stuck with the weaknesses issues. i don't understand how you are suppose to calculate the impact. I'll keep you updated as i progress. I hope your plan comes back approved.
  • Alicia84Alicia84 Registered Posts: 46
    Ahh ok, I plucked random figures based on a realistic assumption using the turnover figures etc that they have given you. For example, I've chosen credit control. Say the turnover is £500,000 it would not be an unrealistic assumption to make that 0.5% of customers could pull a fast one by either going into liquidation or just refusing to pay due to lax credit control. Therefore the impact on the business would be £2500. Still not had any feedback. Getting a bit impatient now lol.
  • DhrushiDhrushi Registered Posts: 7
    Hi Alicia, did you get your plan approved?
  • Rebecca_JORDISONRebecca_JORDISON Registered Posts: 10
    If your struggling with the impact, dumb it down abit, thats how i did it, in my head! I tried not to think too creatively about the imacts and just the immediate obvious costs.

    Say extra time was being used for correcting errors.
    Say 2 days a month are spent correcting errors and inputting information between Aaccounts Receivable/Credit Control and Chief Accountant (hourly rate = £8 for AR/CC and £50 for CA). The calc yearly cost.
    AR/CC = 16 hrs x £8/h x 12 = £1,536
    CA = 16hrs x £50/h x 12 = £9,600

    Hope that helps
  • DhrushiDhrushi Registered Posts: 7
    Hi Rebecca,

    Thank you for your help. Fortunately my plan was approved. Trying to complete my report by this Sunday so that i can send it of. The only problem i seem to be having with the report is the word count, i'm way over the word count so need to cut it down somehow. I still have one more exam to do before i finish level 4. Are you doing level 4?
  • Rebecca_JORDISONRebecca_JORDISON Registered Posts: 10
    I actually went over my word count by maybe 500-800 words i think and mine was accepted on first submission but id kinda pre-showed it to my tutor about the word count and they were okay.
    Just sat my last exam last week. I think the ISYS really helped me with the written parts of the exams after as i did financial perf and budgeting after.

    If you find youve repeated bits, cut them out. They only need to be in once. Apart from the keep your introduction short and dont let too much be said in that part that you are going to repeat later on.

    Hope that helps. Good luck on your project
  • DhrushiDhrushi Registered Posts: 7
    Ahh Rebecca thank you so much for all the advice, i really appreciate it!
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