Starting level 3 when pregnant

I am due to go back to college in September 2017 for the part time evening course for AAT level 3 but I have just found out I am 4 weeks pregnant. This means I will be due at the beginning of March in the middle of a module and preparing for exams. I am really worried as the course is costing a lot of money as you all know and I understand it can be quite intense. I just don't know what to do ... I had kind of thought it would be fine and my partner would just have the baby in the evenings but then people keep pointing out about how tired I will be, how I might not want to leave the baby, I may have a C section and not be able to move around much or drive to college ... very confused and conflicted. Sorry I feel like I've rambled and I apologise if this isn't the right place to be asking about this but any opinions would be great. I can't seem to find anything on my local college website about attending college while pregnant and as this is my first baby I am not sure what to expect! Am I better off leaving it this year and maybe returning next September? xxx (also towards the end of the pregnancy I will be working full time and then doing 3.5hrs at hours two evenings a week)


  • Ellada
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    Oh, darling! Choose baby! In my class (L3) we have 2 pregnant girls. They are so stressed because of exams. So, one girl gave up with the study. I think her due date next month. Another girl is taking synoptic assessment 15th July, but failed last exam because of tiredness. You will need to spend a lot of time to do your home work. Plus you want to work...Oh... Your baby is growing inside of you. You should stay calm and happy! Of course, it's up to you but if I were you I would take level 3 next September 2018. Anyway, good luck!
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    Thank you so much for your comment and I think you are right! My dad has also said to me this morning that if I feel in any way that it will be too stressful or I will struggle then I can do it next year! I think staying calm and happy is my best bet :) Thank you very much xxx
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