Financial Accounting Function Work Schedule

I am having an exam for my synoptic exam. Please open my attachment to see my task 6 question.
According to answer section for table for Monday To Do List between 11:00-12:00 is "Departmental Charges". But according to Management Accounting Function Work Schedule "Departmental Charges" is belong to Wednesday.
is the right answer Departmental Reports for Monday between 11:00-12:00?


  • SusanC
    SusanC Registered Posts: 23
    1000 - 1100 is a meeting. The Dept Reports must be completed by 1200 on Mon and take 2 hrs so they must be done 0900 - 1000 and 1100 - 1200 on Mon.

    The 'Please note...' is also incorrect. It should say that you will need to use more than one task box for tasks taking more than one hour - not 'use the task box more than once'!

    Generally, if it looks wrong - it probably is. My advice would be don't waste time on such things and don't bother sending corrections to publishers. (They may thank you but the mistakes will still appear in next year's edition.)
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