MDCL - 15 July exam at 10 am horrendous, AAT have not done nothing to change it

I sat my exam this morning, its been second time when im trying, and i was so disappointed with the questions they have prepared for us and not enough time to answer for all, i felt so much pressure and i left room almost crying, i could not worked out for couple of questions, did not know how to even started, i can say i was good prepared for it and i do understand all, but im really disappointed that they want student to not pass it - it is not easy! 10 questions in 2.5 hours - impossible! I thought AAT changed something toward this exam but i can see there was no difference between when i sat first time in May and today.
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    Hi, I feel exactly the same, I'm still sooo angry. I thought I was really well prepared, worked through all the mock exams and all the other study help available on the AAT website, but nothing prepared me for this!!! It was a real shock! And the worst thing is, I have no idea how to prepare for when I'm re-sitting this exam. There are no exam style questions anywhere on the AAT website. I think they have to update their mock exams and I will definitely send an email to the AAT and complain. Ok, I feel a bit better now :p
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    well there is so many people who is in the same situation, i'm not genius and there is no enough time to answer all this question. Aat has done nothing, since people start complaining. i understand the subject but i didn't know how aat want me to answer for given questions on the exam. I'm so upset with them :(
    have you tried green line test ?
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    I haven't done the green light test. I did them in preparation to my other two exams (which I passed with no problem) and didn't find them a massive help. I don't think it would've made a difference to the exam on Saturday. AAT really have to put better study material online, otherwise people will keep failing this exam. I just don't understand what their problem is. The mock exams for the Budgeting and Financial statements were very similar to the actual assessment. Why is it so hard to do the same with this one? It's just very frustrating.
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    yes you are right, i already put complain about saturday exam because this put me down, and i have no motivation if they will continue like that. For me they should create a question to check your knowledge not if we lucky to answer their question taken from ''cosmos''.
    Do you remember where did you stuck on the exam?
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    Well, it started with Task 1 I think and it didn't get any better. I just sent a complaint to AAT, let's see what they say.
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    Hi, Felt the same way. Flagged task 1, then task 2 and once I got half way through and realised I had lost any chance of the distinction I had worked so hard for I pretty much slowed down to a stop !!!
    However, found out later that although the paper has not been changed 10% is added to your result prior to marking.
    Hope this eases the pain of the wait for results.

    Good luck.
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    Aat don't care it's all about money for them to not passing it, but let's see what they will reply to our complains.
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    Hey please see below what Aat replied to my query:
    "It is certainly not the intention of AAT to design assessments which students will fail due to their level of demand"
    Also has anyone noticed that they change sample assessment on their website.
    they did that after my exam , if they would post it earlier this would help me a lot during an exam!
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