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I have just received back the second draft of my ISYS report from my learning provider. They have said that I meet all the assessment criteria, however apparently I have too many words (6133), they have said I can only have +/-10% of 5000.
After looking through the AAT assessment criteria for this unit the only information from the AAT I can find states "The report should be approximately 4000–5000 words long but please note that the word count is not critical".
After I showed them this they claimed that they have decided it has to be between 4500-5500 words so I must remove some.
Could somebody please let me know what their experiences are with regards to the word count are and whether my learning provider is allowed to add these additional requirements?

Many Thanks


  • Zoynal98
    Zoynal98 MAAT, AATQB Posts: 65
    edited July 2017

    What you can do is move the "Internal & External Stakeholders and External Regulations" section to the Appendix, this would not count towards your total word count. Double check with your assessor first. I was advised to do this because I also had around 6000 words. The more information you have in your appendix the less you will need to write in the report section.

    Also you should check over your work for any repetition. Any titles can be abbreviated such as Accounts Payable Clerk to APC etc. Make sure you are concise and precise with your answers.

    Good luck with your next submission.
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