New to Aat level 2.advice for AQ2016

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Am new to the course and am planning to do self study.
What materials do I need to get and can it be possible to pass it at a go?


  • kimbo86
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    I've just finished level 2 self study and the way I did it was:
    1. Sign up for AAT membership. I think they ask you which study centre you are with. Put the one in which you intend to sit your exams (so you need to research this first. Kaplan may be easiest as they have lots of centres and are used to external candidates).
    2. Use all the info on the AAT site to learn about the units and the structure of the qualification
    3. Buy textbook for each unit (I started off buying BPP books but found so many mistakes, switched to Kaplan books instead). You can also buy question banks but I personally found I didn't need them.
    4. Book exams when you feel ready to take them, I booked all mine online with Kaplan in London, they are around £75 each. The experience has been quite straightforward.
    5. Most importantly, practice the exams on AAT website with SecureAssess. You will need to be familiar with the format of the exam and it gives you an idea of type of questions and overall timing available on the real one.

    Good luck with it, I work full time and I think the level took me about 5 months. If you have more time and are in a rush you could do it in fewer, but that's the beauty of self study - you can go at whatever pace you need to.

    Oh and PS if you get stuck on the basics of double entry and control accounts, have a look at the free YouTube lectures by First Intuition which are quite helpful.

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