"Email" style questions for Budgeting exam

Ok, so for these type of written questions, I struggle. I have already sat this exam and I did not write in the style of an email, i.e. "i attach the proposed budget for your approval...", "please let me know if you require any further info...".

I know I would have lost marks for this but how significant would the loss of marks be?!



  • bluntigirl
    bluntigirl Registered Posts: 3
    Have you had a look on the AAT website about how to set out written questions? There are a lot of tips on this. AAT also post on their site a handy guide as to what students get wrong/make mistakes on in each exam. I found this really helpful, as it showed me a kind of do's and dont's for each exam.

    When did you sit the exam? You maybe able to get feed back from AAT about what you may have done wrong. I think you have up to 6 weeks to get a detailed feed back of your exam.

    Hope this helps!
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