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Hi all,

I am looking to start an AAT level 3 course at my local college in September without any prior accounting knowledge. I have heard that some people have skipped level 2 and gone straight onto level 3 but only on the condition that they can answer some questions to prove them being able to go straight into level 3.

I was looking for some guidance on the best books to buy for self study AAT level 2 so that I will be well prepared for any questions the college will ask me to show I am capable of going straight to level 3.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!



  • AbbyCarr
    AbbyCarr Registered Posts: 157
    I started AAT at Level 3 as an apprentice. I did not complete Level 2, and had no prior accounting knowledge. I also was never asked any questions to prove I was capable of sitting at Level 3 instead of 2. I did have GCSEs in Maths, English and IT; which I suppose were beneficial. I didn't struggle having no prior knowledge. Some subjects that appeared in Level 2 appeared in Level 3 at a higher level, but you will often find a tutor will always go back to basics before they re-do the new stuff.
  • xHolmesyx
    xHolmesyx Registered Posts: 16
    Oh okay thank you very much for the reply. I was just worried as I heard some colleges will ask you some questions about the subject if you decide to go straight to level 3 without level 2.
  • Irrorate
    Irrorate Registered Posts: 139
    The criteria is college specific - my college for example would have you complete a competency test in Maths & English if you were to start at L3 and skip L2 but as Abby states most tutors will go back to basics when teaching a unit making L2 fairly redundant.
  • Ree91
    Ree91 Registered Posts: 11
    I went in at level 3 at college without having done level 2, I never worked in an accounts environment and had only done maths gcse. I didn't struggle with it either, and have recently just passed level 4. Good luck with it, you will be fine
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