Advice on what job after AAT Level 2

Hi guys first post! Hope everyone is all good!

Passed my synoptic on AAT Level 2 and will be starting Level 3 in September! I have 3 months experience in industry and was wondering what did you guys do to gain experience or gets jobs in the accountancy and finance field.

I am currently registered with recruitment agencies as well for any temporary work.

If anyone has any tips or any advice please feel free to comment.



  • AC88
    AC88 AAT Student Posts: 44

    Essentially at level 2 and 3 you'll be looking at the same standard of jobs i.e. entry level, finance assistant/administrator etc. Chances are you won't look past these until the end of level 4, at the end of level 4 you'll be looking at the more advanced roles as you'll have experience and qualifications.

    Basically once finished level 4 you can get anywhere up to finance manager in small businesses (you'll need substantial experience and a bit of luck to get to this stage though), and in larger businesses you can probably only get to assistant management accountant, anywhere above that and they look for you to be chartered before advancing (there are exceptions to this, where people are qualified through experience but these are rare)

    Advantages of bigger companies are that they usually fund additional training e.g. ACA, CIMA etc and career progress SHOULD be better. Also, being in bigger companies usually adds a little bit more to your CV and will probably be looked more favourable than someone in a smaller company. I'm not saying this is always the case as a good interview can go a long way but it is definitely something that is factored in to decision making.

    Hope this helps
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