Returning to Study after a long time

Hi guys,

I have not studied AAT for many moons, I started off on the Foundation level (level 2) in 2005 which I passed but sadly only made it through part of the Intermediate year (level 3?) before life took over and I was unable to dedicate enough time to complete the final exam. I understand the qualification has changed some what and I imagine that I will need to retake the whole of level 3?

My career has progressed to the stage that I require level 4 in order to get any higher, this and the birth of our daughter has spurred me on with new found determination to see this through!

My question is really do I have to sit the whole of level 3 again or because I passed half the modules back in 2006 does this count for something?

Thanks for any help or advice



  • bonnie
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    Hi Dave.Unfortunately, I think you will have to take that level again.

    I am in a similar situation (except for the career progression ;) ). I got halfway through level 2, learning from home with Kaplan, passed the exam with flying colours then life took over (so there is our similarity!) and I did not complete the course.

    That was about 10 years ago. Then fast forward to around 3 years ago, I went to my local college to ask if I could pick up where I'd left off and was told it wasn't possible as it's all changed.

    Would it be possible for you to go up to your local college and ask the same question - I went on an open day, he was very helpful.

    If you can't carry on, perhaps you could buy the books and race through the course yourself without any tuition?
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