So I've got no AAT qualifications...

I've just done my Alevels but I chose three sciences (bio,phy,chem)
Im planning on doing an AAT Level2 course.
Will it be difficult as I have no knowledge of accounting whatsoever?
Or is it like super easy ...stuff you can learn from books and free courses I should just skip to level 3?



  • Amber98
    Amber98 Registered Posts: 2
    Thanks for ur reply :)
    So how long do you think it would take me to get up to level 4 if I were studying at a college?

  • K_Lou
    K_Lou Registered Posts: 1
    I studied level 3 via college in evening lessons, level 3 was sept-july in line with term time, the college said I get summer off then level 4 is over 15 months, so a lot longer.
    I've decided to study level 4 with distance learning.
    Personally if you have no knowledge of accounts level 2 is best, it gives the foundation knowledge. But AAT have a skill test online to check your understanding or their helpline is really helpful!
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