If I did not write in "email style" when asked to, would I lose significant marks?

I scored "significantly below" and "below" on the written questions of Budgeting and Financial Performance.
Could this be because I didn't write in the style of an email when asked to. For example, "i attach the raw material budget for period...." "please let me know if you require any further info.."

Because i feel like other than that, i put enough detail?!


  • Rebecca_JORDISON
    Rebecca_JORDISON Registered Posts: 10
    it's asking for a specific writing style, which in the 'real world' we'd need to be able to write. Unless your content was waaaay off, i'd imagine yes that probably a good proportion of the lower score. Otherwise it's just an essay so to speak, when the example you were probably given involved people and departments and we need to be able to show we can interact with them. Hope that makes sense.
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